Cruise 2012 Pictures Day 6

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Photos Thursday 19th July 2012 - Day 6

Mykonos Arrival

I woke up at 5AM. At that time the ship was rolling heavily and the wind was howling. It was pretty much as expected. It seems the sea is generally rougher around Mykonos. Renée was up soon after me. We were fine but could only imagine how some of the more queasy passengers were doing. In the morning twilight we looked out to see Mykonos approaching. By 6AM the thrusters were starting. No more sleep for us! Outside at 6:15AM we saw white buildings and a beach. We went for a leisurely breakfast at 7:15AM and then as the sun got higher we went up to the Lawn Club and I took some pictures before we returned to the room to prepare for the excursion.


180 degree panorama of Mykonos from a brand new port at Tourlos just North of Mykonos Town. Looking Southwards across choppy waters to Ornos where a thin strip of low lying land joins Kapari to the rest of the island.

Drive To Kapari

Then we went down a few minutes early to Celebrity Central at 8:35AM to join the Scenic Island Drive With Ano Mera Monastery excursion. Apparently the strong northerly wind is normal here. It is the law for all the buildings to be the same white design, which is why even Starbucks is in a white building. This was seen while driving from Mykonos Town to Ftelia

Link: Delos





Looking back at the Equinox and across the sea over the top of Mykonos Town as we set off Southwards on the bus. Korfos Bay. Heading down to Ornos.





The North side of Ornos, facing Korfos Bay. Taking a narrow road through Ornos. The more sheltered South side of Ornos, facing Ornos Bay as we climb away towards Kapari. Approaching Kapari and Agios Ioannis (the Shirley Valentine beach). Across the sea to the West is the island of Delos where a huge archealogic site exists, and is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Beyond Delos is a bigger island called Rineia, and in the distance to the Northwest is the island of Tinos.

Kapari / Shirley Valentine Beach

At Ftelia we saw the beach used in the film Shirley Valentine. We stopped for a short while to look around and take pictures.





A panorama of the bay in which Agios Ioannis and Kapari sit. Looking at Agios Ioannis, the beach on which the film Shirley Valentine was filmed, from a jeti near Kapari. Renée on the jeti in front of Agios Ioannis.

Drive To Kalafatis Beach

Once back on the bus, we returned to Mykonos Town before taking the road over Ano Mera in the Centre of the Island to Kalafetis beach on the Southeast Coast.






Another view of Delos as we backtrack towards Ornos. One of many buildings in the style of a pigeon loft. Pigeon racing used to be big here apparently. That guy has the right idea riding a motorbike along these lovely country roads. Approaching Kalafatis. Looking at Divounia (Breasts of Aphrodites). Apparently it looks like a pair of women's breasts according to the tour guide! This island off shore is Ktapodia.

Kalafatis Beach

At Kalafatis beach we had a lovely paddle for 20 minutes on the sheltered south facing beach. We had seen that North facing beaches here are bare and battered by big waves popular with surfers. The sheltered South facing beaches, however, have umbrellas and loungers and are great for general swimming and other gentler beach activities. The sand was quite coarse which meant less sandblasting in the wind but less comfortable to walk barefoot on. Although we did find a patch of finer sand to walk on when paddling in the surf. Nearby were a pair of hills (Divounia) known as the Breasts of Aphrodites at Kalafetis and they do indeed look like a pair of boobs!






Having fun on Kalafatis beach. The pictures speak for themselves. Paradise! Cool but not cold water. Pleasantly warm with a nice breeze. Large sand grains so no sand blasting.







More Kalafatis beach pictures.

Ano Mera Monastery

At about 10:20AM we backtracked to Ano Mera after drying off and getting most of the sand off our feet. We stopped at the monastery. Inside a classic Mykonos white shell was a pretty marble building with an ornate bell tower. At the entrance sat a monk who has apparently been there for 62 years since he was 11. Inside was a very ornate interior including a spectacular Greek Orthodox partition on the Eastern side. Apparently one of the icons on the partition was found washed up in the 19th century in Tourlos, which is where the new port is now and where the ship was docked.

After exiting the monastery we went across the road to a restaurant where Ouzo and Mezze refreshments were being served. I didn't take any but Renée enjoyed some.






Leaving Kalafatis Beach behind. Parking up in Ano Mera outside the monastery. A closer view of the bell tower and dome. Inside the outer shell lies an ornate marble creation. The monk who has been here for 62 years.






Looking around inside. No flash. The partition between the main area and the holiest section to the East. To the bottom left is the icon that was found in Tourlos. The underside of the dome. A heavily decorated chair. A chandelier. Emerging back out of the monastery.




The place where the Mezze and Ouzo was served. Renée enjoying the Mezze. Panorama of the square between the Mezze place and the monastery.

Mykonos Town

Then we returned to Mykonos Town at 11:30 where we got off. On the way I was amused to see a Go Kart track and got a shot of a more colourful house on the island (both of which we had seen on the outbound journey too).

We walked along sea front. Here I bought a fridge magnet. We also bumped into Jane and family who were also wandering around Mykonos Town at the same time. We then stopped at the Alegro restaurant for Tzaziki, houmous, bread and chips. (I just had the latter two to keep me going until we got back to the ship as the menu wasn't to my taste.) It was very windy and we had to be careful it didn't blow our meal away. The food wasn't great and very expensive but never mind. Atleast Renée got her Greek Mezzé. We soon carried on and went for a walk around the alleyways of Mykonos Town until 1PM. Then we returned to the drop off point where we were able to catch a shuttle bus back to the ship.





Looking North to Panormos Bay as we head West back to Mykonos Town. A Go-Kart track at Skylampela, about half way between Ano Mera and Mykonos Town. One of the more colourful buildings in Mykonos was just a little further along. Looking across the sea to more mountainous Tinos as we approach Mykonos Town. A good view of the Equinox from the drop off point at the Northern end of Mykonos Town.



Looking Southwards from the drop off point into Mykonos Town and beyond. Mykonos Town alleyway. A view of the harbour in Mykonos Town. Equinox in the background as well as Tinos across the sea.





Renée with Jane, Gary, Amanda and Gemma in Mykonos Town. Looking away from the harbour. The Alegro restaurant and the view from the table. The view of the Equinox from the restaurant.





More views as we wander around the alleyways of Mykonos Town. Arty view of rocks sticking out of the water as we start to head back towards the ship.

Mykonos Departure

Back aboard we made a beeline for the room to change. However my card had stopped working. So while Renée went into the room I went down to Guest Relations who replaced the card. Apparently the system had been updated and there was a technical error or something. The new card worked fine. Back in the room we got into swimwear and headed to the pool. There I grabbed a veggie burger to complete my lunch and we went in the jacuzzi for a while. It was very windy and things were blowing about a lot. At only 25C it felt cold when wet! A lovely novelty after the recent heat. After a while we dried off. I then went for nosh in the Oceanview Café. At about 3:20PM we returned to the room to rest and wash.

By 5:40 we were in evening gear and had gone up to the Lawn Club. However I decided it was better at the front so we went to Deck 15 Fwd for 5:55. The captain's forecast was for a 35kt Northerly wind and rough seas. We sailed into wind away from the port so that was maybe a stormy 50kts+ at the front! That blew the cobwebs away. It was actually rather pleasant. The sea was indeed rough and choppy. So we expected another rough night to come.





Another very choppy view South towards Ornos. Tug boat getting ready to escort the ship away. Note the faint rainbow from the sea spray near the bottom. Mykonos Town and a long range shot of Ornos as we prepare to depart from Mykonos. Looking North from the Tourlos pier to the Agios Stefanos beach.






Boy was it windy! Departing Mykonos. Now we are moving into wind it really is howling! Once at speed and given the captain's forecast I reckon the headwind was maybe 50kts. Noulakia Bay. Rough seas ahoy! Even the mighty Equinox was moving around quite a bit. One last look back at Mykonos as it recedes into the haze.


We went down to Silhouette at 6:20PM. I grabbed a map of Santorini while waiting for Silhouette to open. Inside I chose Sea Bass which was not bad. I had Fruit Medley to start and a sickly chocolate mirengue for afters. We were finished by 8PM. I spilt water on Santorini map when I knocked a glass over mid meal so afterwards I went to get another. Then we went to the Lawn Club. From there we watched sunset at 8:35 as it sunk behind another distant Greek Island. We were surrounded by lots of different islands at this stage.






Renée lit up by the sunset. Hah I can see myself in her sunglasses! The sun setting behind a distant greek island. Not sure which. Could have been Serifos or Kythnos maybe? Or Apollonia? (Looking at Google Maps). Either way it's just as lovely and atmospheric as the others that we have seen already.

The meal portions back in Silhouette had been rather small so I had room for more. So I grabbed some more sushi from the Oceanview Café. (16 pieces taking my trip total to 64!) We then chilled out at the back of Deck 14 outside until 9PM. We were considering the show, but by 9PM, after being awake since 5AM, we decided to call it a night and retire. The ride as we went to bed was much smoother than expected now we were away from Mykonos so here's to a good night.

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