Cruise 2012 Pictures Day 5

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Photos Wednesday 18th July 2012 - Day 5

Link: Temple of Apollo

Rhodes Arrival

I woke up at about 6:40AM and looked outside to see us approach Rhodes. Renée was soon up as the thrusters shook the place. We didn't dock until 7:30AM so I guess we were a little late. But no problem. We went to breakfast at 8:30AM, during which I took some pictures from Deck 15.




Panoramas taken from Deck 15 after we docked and had breakfast. The old town of Rhodes can be seen as well as the ruins alongside the pier. The Temple of Apollo in the distance on a ridge. Looking over the old town. Market stalls are visible between buildings.

Rhodes Walkabout

Then after getting ready went ashore some time after 10AM. First we walked along the Old Town market from St Mary Gate Westwards. We stopped for refreshments at Archipelagos in Ippokratous Square then walked to the Fort to have a quick look around. We then doubled back the way we came, feeling rather hot and bothered. After getting more gifts we went back aboard just before 12PM. We decided we were too hot and bothered to go to the beach in the afternoon and so we decided to stay on board the ship.





On leaving the ship and the port we soon find ourselves next to the old town walls. A sculpture by the road. Looking back to the port. Again Equinox is the biggest ship, to the right. The St. Mary Gate from just inside Old Town. Ruins just inside St. Mary Gate.






A cat snoozing on the ruins. I don't believe it! We come all the way to Rhodes for... Smurfs and Angry Birds! Lol! Ippokratous Square. Refreshments at Archipelagos restaurant. Looking through the Marine Gate North of the Square the Equinox can be seen. Walking along narrow streets just between the Square and the Archealogical Museum.





The Archealogical Museum. Heading towards the Navarhiou Gate. Crossing through the Eliftherias Gate at the Northern end of Old Town. Walking along a peninsula towards St. Nicholas Fort. Mandraki Harbour.





Crikey a gold yacht! St. Nicholas Fort. Looking back to the ship from the fort. Looking around the fort.






Looking around the fort. The Palace of the Grand Master. Once again Equinox is by far the biggest ship. Looking West along Ippoton as we walk back South through Old Town. A sculpture and a street view as we return along Aristotelous from Ippokratous Square to St. Mary Gate.

Rhodes Departure

First we went to the room to cool down under the shower and drop our gifts. Then we went to Oceanview for a 1PM lunch while looking out over Rhodes Town. I took the binoculars and had a good look around from beaches on the Northern tip of the island to the ruins of the Temple of Apollo on the ridge to the West. We were both tired and happy at 2PM to return to the room for a rest after lunch. We stayed in the room except for an Oceanview tea break (and a trip to Guest Relations to get a map of Mykonos and we also checked the Silhouette menu which looked awful - great day to have ordered a Kosher meal!) until 5:45PM when we changed to evening wear and went up to Deck 15 Fwd to watch the ship leave Rhodes. It was blowing a hoolie up there! We are expecting moderate to rough seas and 35-40kt winds so getting pretty windy at this stage of the trip.




Those ropes are huge! The man unhitches them and they get wound into the ship. Looking across the harbour to St. Nicholas Fort. Rhodes Old Town behind Renée. Departing Rhodes.


Two panoramas of the Northern tip of Rhodes. The beach there looks nice from a distance.


At 6:15PM we headed down to Silhouette as Rhodes receded behind us. After a short wait we went in at 6:30PM for supper. Jane and family also hated the menu and wanted to go upstairs. So Renée ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad and ate that while I had my Kosher dish. That consisted of 3 tiny pieces of meat and a small amount of rice so was barely a starter! So we gladly went up to Oceanview with Jane and Gemma. We missed Gary and Amanda who probably had gone to trivia at 7PM. I promptly had 2 plates of veggie Sushi. 20 pieces adds up to 48 pieces over the last 3 nights! It's so delicious! Joseph enjoyed a good curry meanwhile. At 8:15PM Renée and I went to Deck 15 Fwd to watch the sunset in a strong headwind, then to the Lawn Bar for a drink in the deepening twilight. (It was also more sheltered from the wind there.)






Sitting on a setee in the main hall outside the Guest Relations desk while we wait for the nearby Silhouette restaurant to open. Another sunset in the Aegean sea. A low level inversion distorts the sun as it 'sinks into the sea'. Chilling out in the Lawn Club on Deck 15 Aft after dark.

Soon after 9PM we retired to the room for the night. As we went to bed the ship was moving about quite a lot now as conditions got rougher.

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