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How to purchase an image or print from my website

Contact address: mike(at) (Note: Spam protection: replace (at) with @ in the email address before sending.)

If you are interested in an image in digital or printed form then please contact me at the above contact address with the URL of the image you are interested in, and what you want out of it. I'll then be happy to give you details about the original and negotiate a deal.

Further Information

Some of the older originals have a resolution as high as 2272x1704 (4 megapixels), which is more than suitable for printing at A4 size. Some of the newer originals have a resolution as high as 4000x3000 (12 megapixels). Images on this site have been resized and / or cropped down to 640x480 (or similar), or 1024x768 for more recent years, as well as processed where necessary (light sharpening, brightening, etc).

Where an image requires processing, you can purchase it with or without any processing, depending on whether you want an image ready to go or whether you would like to adjust it to suit your publication.

Where an image has been cropped, I will let you know the original size after cropping (before any resizing). You will then have the option of taking the original before or after cropping.

Terms and conditions

Publications purchasing digital images to print may only use an image once per payment. Additional prints require additional payment, or an agreement with the copywright owner if a multi-use deal is required.

Purchased digital images may be adjusted for brightness, sharpness, etc. But purchased images may not be modified beyond these simple quality improvements.

Purchased digital images may not be distributed or copied in whole or in part without the copywright owner's agreement. Any prints made must be for personal use only, and not distibuted or sold without the copywright owner's agreement.

No images, digital or printed, may be passed off as someone else's. I, the copywright owner, must be credited for any images appearing in a public setting such as a website or magazine / newspaper. In the case of online publications a link back to this website would also be very much appreciated.