Cruise 2012 Pictures Day 2

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Photos Sunday 15th July 2012 - Day 2

At Sea

The clocks went forward last night as Greece is an hour ahead of Italy. So it was about 9:30 that we were up. It was a nice clear sunny view of the Mediterranean out of the window. We had breakfast at the Oceanview Café soon after 10AM. I had fruit and cereal with tea followed by a pancake and waffle. Then we returned to the room to change into pool gear. We were at the pool from about 11AM until 3PM. We found a nice pair of loungers in the shade. We spent time in the jacuzzi and main pool, and relaxing for periods in between. The best pool was the deeper outdoor pool and at times it was packed. We had burger and chips for lunch from the nearby Mast Grill. The veggie burger was delicious! Renée enjoyed her beef burger. After lunch I orbited the jogging track then extended it to end to end of the ship for 3 circuits after speaking to Joy, Joseph and Arlett who had a bank of loungers up there.

At 3PM we took a look at the Aqua Spa Café where healthy food is available, but it was closed. We then returned to the room to shower and get dressed. We then visited the shops on Decks 4 and 5 before returning to have a rest before changing to formal gear for the evening. Renée had a nap while I updated my diary and removed dud pictures from the camera. Meanwhile I spotted land go by around 5:50PM. The iPhone picked up a Greek signal so there starts our first Greek adventure.


Renée on the grand staircase during the afternoon. At one point a small yaught passed fairly close to us as we started to go round the Southern tip of Greece.

Formal Evening

At 6:30PM we were in Silhouette for supper all suited and booted. I had Corn soup which was delicious! I ate lots of bread again. I wasn't sure about the vegetable paella but I ordered it without sauce and the vegetables and couscous were lovely. I ordered extra veg. Then for afters I had a mixture of coconut sorbet and after eight ice cream. The latter was delicious! Soon after 8PM we nipped upstairs to look at a lovely post sunset scene then returned to the room to prepare for tomorrow. At 8:45 we headed downstairs. At 9PM there was a toast with the captain in the Equinox Theater. We then went back upstairs to the Solstice Deck 16 for pictures in our formal gear.






The captain's toast in the Equinox Theater. The southern tip of Greece being silhouetted in the twilight. Renée and I posing in the twilight.

After that we retired for the night. A rose and little white flowers had been delivered to the room. It was mentioned on the cocktail party invitation but we had wondered about them. So a day later than expected but a nice bonus.

Note: very smooth so far with very slight waters... We can barely feel the movement of the ship at sea. Also we couldn't find anyone else invited to Friday's cocktail party, and Renée enjoyed making her sisters jealous! Ha!

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