Cornwall 2014 Pictures Day 6

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Photos Sunday 22nd September 2014 - Day 6

Tintagel Castle

I woke up at 6:15AM as it got light having managed a few hours' sleep on that awful bed. Despite that I didn't feel too bad. By 8AM breakfast we had packed and put luggage in the car. That way we were checked out by 8:30AM and leaving. After a petrol stop I took us up to Tintagel to see what was there. We arrived at 10:10AM but weren't that impressed with the castle which looked like a stately home. We didn't hang around for long and left after 10 minutes.

Update: I see on processing the pictures for the web that what we thought was Tintagel Castle is actually the Camelot Castle Hotel. Now it makes sense! I did see a gully that led down towards a cove with possible ruins. That was where Tintagel Castle is. Alas we didn't want to stop long enough to explore anyway as we had a long drive home ahead but never mind.


Camelot Castle Hotel. Tintagel Panorama.


After making it back to the A30 Renée snoozed over the border into Devon. Then we soon came off onto the road to Tavistock. Then the B3357 road climbed up onto Dartmoor. Once above the trees the landscape was gorgeously wild and rugged, and the road was almost entirely empty. We didn't mind the 40mph speed limit as we were in no rush. This was because sheep, cows and ponies all run wild up here. We got to Princetown at 11:30AM. A couple of times we stopped in small car parks to take pictures. This Dartmoor road was gorgeous! And the air was so crisp and fresh in the sunshine. Eventually on the other side, after passing numerous animals wandering along and beside the road, we descended down into woodland.




Crawling over the border from Cornwall to Devon on a roadwork-choked A30. A nice road to Tavistock. Driving through Tavistock. Panoramic vistas awaited up on Dartmoor.



One of many spectacular views on the Western side of Dartmoor captured by this 360 degree panorama. One of many granite tor's. Sheep on Dartmoor.





Driving towards a TV mast near Princetown. Another Tor capped hill that characterises the high ground of Dartmoor. One of the bridges at Two Bridges. This Dartmoor road is epic!



Stopping for another epic 360 degree panorama somewhere East of Two Bridges. Descending to Poundsgate where cows were roaming on the road.




Carefully driving past the cows. Enjoying the last sections of Dartmoor road. Dartmoor ponies. Descending into the woods where the River Dart flows.

Then after crossing the river Dart a couple of times we found the A38 dual carriage way which became the M5 motorway. We stopped for lunch from 12:30 - 1PM at Exeter services. Then a straight forward uneventful blast home on the M5/M4/M25/M40 to get back to Hendon at about 4PM. (We were relieved to avoid the traffic jams that often occur at that time of day.)

Having unpacked our luggage and rested for a bit we went to Kenton for a late tea as my mum and dad got back from Manchester. We celebrated mum's birthday with some of the Cornish fudge and cookies that we brought back. A nice way to end the holiday.

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