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Welcome To My Homepage.

At WorkThese pages are continually under construction. I will be very busy, but I'll update whenever possible.

Me flying a glider.

Welcome to my world! This website has been around since my university days in the 90's and has been evolving ever since. Into the 2000's photography has become the dominant part of this space and continues to grow as I find more ways to take pictures. Gliding has been my primary hobby since around the time this website came to exist. This and the great outdoors all make for cool photography in many different ways, from aerial vistas to the macro world.

Please click on the menu above to navigate the site. These pages should display correctly at full screen 1024x768 or wider. If your screen is smaller, or the browser is not full screen, then there could be a few display issues here and there. These pages have been tested in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Edge (Internet Explorer essentially) on Windows 10, and Safari on the iPhone 6S Plus / iOS9. If you are using any other browsers and spot any issues then it would be great if you could let me know.


October 2019: I am a bit behind on photo processing as I have been rather busy lately and taking far more pictures than I can process. I do have some great pictures in the pipeline though. I am also getting started in helping people out with computers, DIY and more. A website has been created for this. If you want to know more then please visit my Handyman Website to find out what I am up to there. Perhaps I can help you out if you are in my area?

January 2016: After a few years the front page is looking rather dated. The javascript issues aren'treally a problem on modern browsers any more, and Windows 10 is the operating system of choice now. About time I showcased some of my hobbies and photos on the front page too. A recent present of a GoPro and an awesome selfie I took with it was just the excuse I needed to refresh. Hope you like it.

February 2013: Welcome to my new revamped website. It's been a heck of a long time coming I know. I used similar methods and styles to those I developed while producing the Harrow Shopmobility website. Gone are the old school frames and loud textures and in are some hopefully easier to read, if still fairly basic, styles. As a heck of a lot has changed, so if you do spot any errors, broken links or anything else amiss then I'd really appreciate you getting in touch to let me know. I still have more updates to do and more content to add. In particular I want to update some of the graphics such as the text images. So watch this space as ever...

Common Blue butterfly.
Me posing on my first motorbike.

January-February 2013: I just thought I'd draw your attention to the Harrow Shopmobility website. Created by me for a very good cause. :)

January 2013: I've taken a lot of pictures over the years. You can now see that I have over 10,000 pictures on the website. That's a lot of pictures!

17th May 2006: New host! I have finally acted on all the problems I was having and decided to move to a new host. At the same time I now have my own domain. So goodbye Pipex and DomainDlx for now. If you have any problems with my site then I would appreciate you letting me know so I can investigate.

Email Links

Please use these address links if you wish to contact me. These are listed in order of preference. Note that for spam protection I have replaced the @ symbol with (at). Please restore the @ symbol before sending your email.

Yahoo: Main personal email.
mike@flybywire: New email address on my host / domain.
Google Mail: Alternative Gmail address.


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